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Hidden Gems Tours to Scotland - FAQ's
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line Q. How do I get to Scotland?
  A. There are direct flights to Glasgow or Edinburgh from Calgary, Newark, Orlando, Phillidelphia, Toronto and Vancouver and from almost every European country. American, Continental, Flyglobespan and Airtransat from North America and Ryanair and Easyjet from Europe.
line Q. Do you organise our travel to Scotland?
  A. No, that's up to you to organise however we can give advice if required as you can't always rely on your local travel agent to appreciate the travel conditions in the UK. We have, for example, had clients who have missed connections to Edinburgh from London Heathrow as their travel agent did not realise that only allowing 2 hours for a transfer was very risky - Heathrow is a very large airport with a number of terminals and even getting your luggage from one plane to another in 2 hours is almost impossible.
line Q. Is there any time better than others to travel to Scotland?
  A. In the Winter, days are short, with as few as seven hours of daylight in the South, as low as six in the North. In the Summer months, conversely, daylight lasts from about 4 in the morning to as late as 11 at night, depending where and when you are. The best sunny days are generally in May, June and September. It can be very cold and wet in the Winter and recently we have had a lot of snow so combined with short days, Winter is definitely not the best time to visit. The busiest time to visit is July and August when UK schools are on vacation, so locals are often on vacation and and there are more visitors from overseas. The key is to book and plan your trip early.
line Q. What standard of accommodation do you use?
  A. That's entirely up to you. If you let us know your budget we will source accommodation to suit. Some examples of the accommodation we have used are on the Useful Links page.
line Q. What kind of vehicles do you use?
  A. That is down to the number in your party. What we would do is explain the various options and costs and let you decide.
line Q. Will I need any special clothes to deal with Scottish weather?
  A. Absolutely not. Even in summer you may need warm clothing but the trick is to bring things you can wear in layers as it is true that you can experience all four seasons in one day.
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