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Willie Wallace

Willie Wallace

Willie founded Celtic Legend in 1998, but has been operating tours in Britain and Ireland for over 30 years. He has a thorough knowledge of Scotland, its history, and beauty and a desire to share Scotland's less well known areas as well as its' rightly famous attractions.

He has contributed to and written travel guides and newspapers in various countries. Born in Edinburgh, he has lived in 7 different countries and traveled extensively through those and 30 others before returning to the country of his birth. He still loves traveling but he is more than happy to do most of it in Scotland.

"Nowhere can beat Scotland for the scenery, the people and the history." he says, but, of course, he would say that if he's promoting tourism to Scotland.

Pamela Milne

Pam was born and brought up in Dundee, and has lived in Aberdeen, Shropshire, Manchester and now Edinburgh. She is married to Craig, who she met whilst at University in Aberdeen 15 years ago.

She has a background in administration but has tried her best to be the eternal student having studied History, Film Studies and Nursing..... But eventually she had to join the real world, and is now working in the family business part-time, providing car rental quotations, whilst being a full-time Mum to the youngest 'Celtic Legend', Angus.

In her (very limited) spare time, she enjoys food, wine (under the tutelage of Craig), reading, writing, and watching all manner of TV detctive dramas to figure out whodunnit!

In 2017 she shamed us all by running the London marathon.

Pamela school photo
Pamela Milne

Margaret Wallace

Born and bred in Edinburgh Margaret has managed to live her entire life no further than one mile from where she was born. She loves traveling especially if it means business class, five star accomodation, good food and wine and meeting interesting new people. She prepares, designs and maintains this web site and nags to make sure queries are dealt with promptly and fully. She manages, amazingly enough, to miss out on guiding tours!

Margaret Wallace
  Stephen on a tractor
Stephen Wallace

Stephen Wallace

As a great supporter of Ipswich Town Football Club, Stephen's nickname is Tractor Boy!

He was born and brought up in Suffolk, which he loved. But, after leaving school he set off for the bright lights and big City of Leeds in Yorkshire where he studied and worked for 3 very enjoyable years.

In 2003 he arrived in Edinburgh to stay for just a week and, fortunately for us, has never left. A wonderful wife and three beautiful children later, he can't imagine living anywhere else. He joined the family business in 2017.

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